This project was conceived in 1996, as an exploration of the potential of Web technologies to create original artwork. At the time the web was beginning to be discovered as a wonderful forum in which to present and promote art, be it painting, dance, or theatre. Today it's nearly impossible to crank up a browser without visiting a virtual gallery. With the Louvre and the Met online, what more could one ask?

In developing my concept for this page, I kept experiencing the "edge of the mind" sensation that often lingers upon waking. I decided to try to capture some of those elusive images in this ephemeral environment.

This first presentation of The Dream Page was developed in the Hypertext and Hypermedia class (VIT 616) taught by Scott Martin, at George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia.


The visual effects on The Dream Page use GifAnimation. The files range from a half a meg to a megabyte in size, and will take a considerable time to load over a modem. Once loaded they will run very smoothly. I used Java to add sound to an alternative version of The Dream Page. If you have a lot of patience, or good bandwidth, try the Java version

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